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Best Drugstore Makeup 2018

Hey, everyone. I'm gonna officially begin my blog post this year with the best drugstore makeup of 2018. As usual, I found some gems in the drugstore aisle and would love to share it with you guys 😏. Some of these products are already a hit, but some are new discovery underrated products 😀. One category has repeated winner. If you are interested to find out what product that is, and the rest of the winners in this list, le'ts hop onto today's topic 😊

It seems that my selections for this year are mainly popular products. Some are at the mid range price, some are very affordable. Regardless, I think all of it are amazing 💗

Let's begin in the same step as I do my makeup.

Best Primer : Rimmel Stay Matte Primer

Now, Rimmel as a brand is considered kinda new in the Malaysian market. They were here several years ago, gone, and then made a kickass comeback 👏. It's very surprising to me how much I love their stuff 💗💗💗. Last year I thought Wet n Wild is the brand that was gonna wow me in 2018, I was wrong 😓. I was quite disappointed with their products 😞. Rimmel took over Wet n Wild to me imo. The reason why I chose this primer is because it's a mattifying primer that works wonderfully at keeping the makeup look fresh. It does its job 👍

Best Foundation : Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

It provides subtle radiance to the skin, water based so its light on the skin and easy to blend 💗. Suitable for daily use as it also has anti fatigue properties, healthy ingredients and it comes with SPF 20 😱. The shades selection is something that needs to be improved 😓 but Rimmel has so many foundation ranges for a drugstore, so that itself gives us the options to choose what type of foundation we are looking for 😊. As for me, out of their many foundation ranges, this one is my favorite 💗. The price is also considered as kinda cheap, I think it's worth every penny cause it is a damn good foundation 😀. If I could sum up my reasoning for choosing this foundation, it would be, it blends like a dream and makes your skin appear healthier.

Best Concealer : Silky Girl Quick Fix Concealer

This one is an absolute contradictory to my previous winner, which is a cream concealer in a jar. Concealer that comes in a pot has thicker consistency and full coverage, but concealer that comes with pen applicator is usually light coverage, way smoother and easier to be blended 😊. Other than that, this one is also infused with healthy ingredients, which is a steal if you have undereye problems 😍.

Best Powder : Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

Another winner from Rimmel 😌, but it is one of best selling powders 😃, so how can i not include this??? 😱 Since this powder is ah-mazing beyond words, you can pair this with any of the Rimmel's foundations 😻. It helps your makeup stays matte FOR A LONG TIME and blurs out the pores to make your skin appear smoother 😍. The shades selection is poor but you can opt to go with the translucent shade if you can't find the shade for your skintone.

Best Eyeshadow : Maybelline City Mini Palette

If Rimmel dominates the complexion category, then Maybelline is the big winner for eyes category 😍. However, I can see that maybe in 2019 it will be the opposite. But, let's talk about now. I don't trust drugstore for matte eyeshadows, but shimmery eyeshadows are easier to be produced. You can hardly go wrong with this, and this one is phenomenal quality eyeshadows ; great pigmentation, blends like a dream, and long wearing 💗💗💗. 

Best Eyeliner : Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil

Gotta love this! 💗 Look at the price! 💓 Try it out! 💝 You won't regret it! 😍 One of the best eyeliner pencil, even could beat HE rivals! Very affordable, yet very high quality 😃. Applies smoothly, smudge-free, comes in variety shades. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 🙌🙌🙌

Best Liquid Eyeliner : Wardah Eyexpert optimum hi black liner

I got to try this and immediately fell in love with it! 💗. It's easy to apply, very pigmented black, and waterproof 😊. 

Best Mascara : Maybelline Lash Sensational

One of drugstore's best selling mascaras and for good reasons 👀💗. Literally blows HE mascaras out of the water. This pink tube lifts, curls, makes your lashes super long and thick 👍.

Best Contour Palette : Sendayu Tinggi Highlight & Contour

Out of all the categories, this is hardest one to pick the winner 😵. I don't really favor drugstore contour cause it isn't easy to find cool toned brown that looks nice to create dimensions on the face 😬. But after doing my research, I found this one to be the most reliable one. It's easy to use, therefore suitable for beginners, pigmented, and easy to blend.

Best Bronzer : Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

I don't need to be someone who uses bronzer frequently to figure out how phenomenal this bronzer is 💗. Do I need to explain how amazing this bronzer is? I don't think so. It is one of the most talked about makeup product of the year. I'll leave it at that 😉

Best Blusher : L’oreal Paris True Match

Really nice shimmery blushes, easy to blend as it is sheer, but buildable so suitable for beginners, the shades look lovely on the skin 😊. Just the downsides are the packaging is really bulky just so they can put the blush brush in a compartment below the product. The brush itself is useless because it is so stiff, just throw it away and use your own brush. The price is also kind of up there, but it is L'oreal, and a blush can last you more than a year, so why not?

Best Highlighter : Wet n Wild Megaglo

One category that I am most anticipated for 😍. If last year we had a hidden gem from a local brand as the winner, this year I picked a well loved highlighter as the winner. It is an affordable  highlighter that even Jeffree Star is madly in love with 😲😲😲. Here in Malaysia, the brand can only be found in Sasa, but it is worth the hunt. The coverage is buildable, blinding and glowy. The packaging is gorgeous and it lasts forever.

Best Lipstick : Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

2nd time winner. I don’t know what else to say, I literally praise this all year long 💓💓💓💓💓.

Best Facial Spray : Aloe Soothing Mist

It is easy to be absorbed, gives mild glow, and provides hydration to the skin 😊.

Alright, there we go. My list of best drugstore makeup of the year 2017! I hope you guys enjoyed reading my products recommendations. These are products that I personally use, and highly recommend. This list is full of good stuff worth every penny. If you are interested and find this very helpful, you may check out my 2017 best drugstore makeup hereI'm so glad that I can still include both international and local brands into my beauty list. I try my best not to be bias. If you are interested to know more, I will be posting more beauty related topics 😀. May we discover even better products and learn more beauty tips and tricks in 2019! Yay! And I pray that great things will happen for me and you, dear readers of my blog. It's still not too late for me to wish you a happy new year. Thank you for spending your time reading this post until the end and I wish you have a blast 2019 🌈 

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